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The Lord has opened doors for us to develop a ministry to young leaders and missionaries around the world, where we see them not only trained and sent but also equipped, encouraged, and sustained in ministry. We have always had the opportunity to lecture and train in YWAM and other Bible colleges, we now want to take that further in apostolic input to those on the field. We also see the possibility of assisting the development of other equipping, ‘training-sending-sustaining’, missional, Local Church-based ministry schools and colleges.

We know this will expand, however, once again, we don’t desire to build ‘our ministry’, but impart it to others! As mentioned above, one of the things we desire to do is travel to encourage, but also bring missionaries and ministers together to refresh. Many times in our 3 ½ decades of ministry we felt very alone and isolated, at times we needed input in our marriage and for our young family. For the most part, we muddled through alone, and by God’s grace, we have a beautiful missional family! We believe however that the Lord has a better plan where more ‘Elders’, spiritual fathers and mothers, are released to raise and encourage those stepping into the field.

What we see so far:

  • Small Groups of leaders and missionaries. In this environment, peers can minister to one another in prayer, encouragement, and various other ways.
  • One-on-One’s via technology.
  • Visits to the field. We plan to either be on the ground with those in our groups or have them come to “Times of Refreshing Summits”.
  • Lecturing to a new generation of young people stepping out into ministry. The door for us to continue doing this in YWAM has reignited, and we also desire to impart to other missions and churches.
  • Speaking into local Churches to champion the call of God on people’s lives, and see people rise up to the missional ‘GO!’ both in their local setting and into all the world.

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