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Hey friends, the day has come… We officially leave America today! We’ve made a YouTube channel to document what’s new in our lives from day to day/week to week! We’ll be posting more there than here on Facebook, so if you’d like to join us on the adventure – click on the YouTube video link below and make sure you Subscribe to our channel titled ‘Go and Love’.

Every YouTube ‘Like’ and ‘Comment’ helps us, so we’d really appreciate your support by Subscribing and then Liking/Commenting on each video we produce. If you haven’t seen our previous updates, we are ultimately moving to Madagascar as missionaries! We sold our house to set off, but the boarders are closed at the moment for us, so we’ve been traveling around in a van and seeing the beauty of America for the past 3 months. Naomi and Nikita are New Zealand citizens (duel USA/NZ), so today we leave for New Zealand where we plan on living until we can officially move to Madagascar. With today’s travel restrictions, we could be there 3 months… or it could be years, but we’re content knowing that God is in control and we’re making the best of the journey.

This video is a little reflection montage of our time in America. The spoken word was written by our good friend Hadrian Hobbs. There are obviously SO many friends and family that have helped shape our lives while we’ve been in America and we are truly sad to leave, yet so excited for what God is calling us to next.


Nick & Naomi Magiera are the founding directors and missionaries of Go and Love. The primary mission of Go and Love is to seek our Heavenly Father’s love in every moment, location, and circumstance. It’s all about His Presence. If we do one thing alone, let it be that we stay in the presence of Abba Father, Beloved Jesus and sweet Holy Spirit. Everything else will fall in line. Go and Love is a registered 501c3 Non Profit.